Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!!

The 4th of July!!!   A holiday to celebrate the great spirit of America!  A holiday to recognize our freedom and the great opportunities we have each day as American citizens!  A holiday to reflect on all that we have and recognize that all of our blessings have come at least in part on the backs of sacrifice by those who have gone before us.

The 4th of July has always been one of Dr. Schaack’s favorite holidays.   We live in the greatest nation on earth with opportunities and freedoms like no other.  We honor all those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our great nation to maintain these opportunities and freedoms for ourselves and for our children.  We all contribute to the greatness of our nation when we live by values of hard work, honesty, commitment to family and community, and service to others.  This is our focus at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry.  And McKinney, Texas is the fulfillment of the American Dream with its strength of families, and opportunities for business and education.

Our wish is that all of you have a happy and safe The author provides specific tips for starting a buy-detox.com/shop/urine-drug-test-detox-pills/zydot-detail diet, including avoiding most solid foods, opting instead to consume fruits, vegetables and supplements in the form of raw, natural juices. 4th of July and that we all might take time to feel gratitude for the good in our lives, especially within our own families and local community.

McKinney Pediatric Dentistry is a private practice owned by Dr. Jon Schaack, a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist.  The office is located right in the heart of McKinney, TX.  At McKinney Pediatric Dentistry, we strive to live out the American Dream each day by building a business that is focused on meeting the needs of the children and families around us.  We invite all to come to McKinney Pediatric Dentistry and meet Dr. Jon Schaack and his staff!  See for yourself what parents are saying.  Then come experience it!   Your child will be treated with individual attention and the highest quality of care.  We love kids, our staff is fantastic, and we look forward to making your kid’s dental visit a memorable one (in a good way)!

To add to the spirit of the 4th of July in your homes, here are a couple of Dr. Schaack”s favorite American anthems!

BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC  (You”ll may get chills if you listen to this all the way through!)


Feel free to leave a comment posting about one of your favorite 4th of July traditions!!