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The beach is a place where kids can play and parents can relax. Here at our “beach”, there is plenty of entertainment and fun for your child to help them feel comfortable and welcome. We will “tell, show, and do” as we walk them through each step of the visit.

You may accompany your child throughout the first visit. During this visit, we will build rapport with age appropriate communication in a non-frightening way as we have fun in accomplishing the purpose of the visit. During future visits, each child is treated as an individual. Certain kids do best when parents are with them. Others do best when parents aren’t present and the child can discover and gain confidence from their own interactions. We will provide an experience tailored for your child.

After performing an exam (“counting teeth”), taking radiographs (“pictures”), cleaning the teeth, and applying fluoride if needed (“painting teeth”), we will discuss with you our findings from the exam, discuss any treatment needs, and provide tailored home care recommendations in a way that will set you at ease and answer all your questions. Children receive prizes as positive reinforcement of their good experience.

Along with providing good oral health care, our goal is that kids feel they are in a good place where they feel comfortable, loved, safe, and will even look forward to coming back. Positive attitudes toward good oral health are promoted from the time you step through our door.

Please click the pdf icon below to download and complete the new patient forms for your child’s appointment. Filling out and bringing these new patient forms to the appointment already completed allows us to best maximize the appointment time with you and your child.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Download our New Patient Forms (click on the pdf icon to begin download)

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