Infant Dental Care

Myth: A cavity in a baby tooth doesn’t matter very much. It will fall out anyway.

Truth: It’s true that baby teeth do eventually fall out, but that usually does not happen for 6–12 years. That’s a long time to have to live with damaged or missing teeth.

Myth: Fixing the alignment of baby teeth is a big waste of time.

Truth: Actually, the health of baby teeth have a direct effect on the developing adult teeth. Disease can stunt growth. Overcrowding or missing teeth will affect the way that permanent teeth grow in. Even in the world of orthodontia, fixing baby teeth can drastically affect permanent alignment.

Myth: Fixing baby teeth is just like fixing adult teeth. Why bother going to a pediatric dentist?

Truth: Baby teeth are actually structured differently than adult teeth. The ratios of enamel, dentin, and pulp differ. These tiny teeth will not react to adjustments and treatments in the same way.

A trained pediatric dentist will have both the necessary education and equipment that is properly sized for tiny teeth. Here at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry, we’re prepared to give your children quality dental treatment and make them comfortable and happy throughout the process.

Why Infant Dentistry?

It’s understandable that older kids will need dental care, but babies? Why do they need dental work? Does it matter that much?

Short answer: Yes. It does matter.

As soon as babies have teeth, they will develop plaque and tartar on them, just like adults. They will also have lingering meal particles, whether it be milk, formula, juice, or baby snacks.

Just because babies haven’t had teeth for very long doesn’t mean that they are immune to the ravages that all human teeth must face. Getting them to a trained pediatric dentist early is highly beneficial. Early dentistry results in:

Establishing good habits. Small children who are used to the dentist will be able to build trust and familiarity with the dental environment. They’ll also learn good dental habits early on.

Prevention of bigger problems. As mentioned above, even the newest of baby teeth are not immune to cavities or infection. Regular appointments will help us treat these problems in a timely manner and prevent further issues.

Guidance. When we have a chance to watch teeth grow right from the beginning, we also have a chance to make sure they grow in properly, align with each other, and prepare the way for their future permanent teeth.

Talk to McKinney Pediatric Dentistry About Your Infant’s Dental Needs
It’s natural to have a lot of questions about an infant’s dental checkups and oral hygiene. For any of these questions and more, McKinney Pediatric is here to support you! Give us a call today to set up an appointment for your child.