McKinney Pediatric Dentistry patients…before they become world famous!!

online×764.jpg” alt=”” width=”666″ height=”496″/> McKinney Pediatric Dentistry honors Tatum Castillo

We are proud to highlight the accomplishments of Tatum Castillo!!  Tatum is a patient here at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry.  She recently set the Texas state record for her age for running the mile in an astonishing 5 min 39 seconds!!  (If I was running in that race, I”m pretty sure she would have lapped me two or three times at that speed!!)

As we were getting to know her and her family during her first visit, we learned that Tatum recently competed in Waco, TX in several races and actually took home 3 gold medals, one of which was for setting the Texas state record for the mile for her age group.  Let”s rephrase that:  She smashed the state record!!  Her time of 5:39 was 10 seconds faster than the previous record of 5:49, one which held for the previous 28 years set in 1983!!

Tatum was so humble about it, but we thought she deserved some added recognition here.  Tatum, remember what we told you!  When you are a famous Olympian some day, don”t forget that we cleaned your teeth!!!  We look forward to following your accomplishments and know you will continue to succeed.

We”d love to highlight accomplishments of any of our kids here at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry.  If your child has done something fun or interesting, let us know!!  And if they”re not a patient here yet, bring them in!  🙂  We will take great care of all who visit us!!