One Year Mark Celebrated at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry!!!

Hard to believe it”s already been one year!  One year ago today (May 31, 2011) was the first day that McKinney Pediatric Dentistry opened its doors to care for your kids!!  Since that day, we have loved welcoming the fabulous children of McKinney and of the surrounding areas.  This pediatric dental office has been full of laughter and good times as we have played with and loved on all the kiddos that come to see us.  It really is your kids that make our work here seem not much like work at all because we enjoy them so much!

We have such an amazing team of staff who work so well together!  They help create and maintain a very positive and happy office.  Dr. Jon Schaack and each member of the team feels genuine concern for all our patients that can be felt when you walk through our doors.  We want to help all of the families that visit us by providing great care for each child in a way that earns trust and provides a fun experience for each kid!


We have stayed true and will continue to stay true to this as our core philosophy.

*  We want everyone who comes to McKinney Pediatric Dentistry have a positive experience and HAVE FUN!!

*  We want kids and also parents to feel very comfortable with the care we provide for each child.  We hope that all will sense the honesty and concern we share over each patient’s needs and feel TRUST.

*  We take great effort to assure that every experience (whether with the front office or in clinical dentistry) is done with the highest standard of QUALITY.

You can continue to count on us to take great care of your kids.  We have created many great memories during this first year, and the best is yet to come!!  We look forward to meeting and helping many more children in coming days and years.

Thank you to all who have trusted in us.  Thanks to all who have referred friends and family members.  Thanks to all who have left us such kind reviews on Google and recommendations on Facebook.  We invite any of you who have had a positive experience to please leave us a Google Review by clicking hereYou are the ones who can best help us to get the word out that there is a new and wonderful pediatric dental office in town!!

To schedule your child”s visit,online” target=”_blank”> please click here.  We look forward to seeing you at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry!!