Starting from Scratch: McKinney Pediatric Dentistry After One Year

We are humbled that many have chosen McKinney Pediatric Dentistry to care for their kids and we do not take this lightly!   We love all the kids that come our way and hope that each family can feel that.

Dr. Jon Schaack is the sole owner and only dentist at McKinney Pediatric Dentistry.  Being a privately owned practice, we take pride in building a reputation for providing personalized care and attention tailored for each child, including children with special needs.  We hope to continue to build a reputation as a place where kids can have fun in a safe and trusted setting and receive quality care from a board certified pediatric dentist and a trained, experienced, and competent staff.

But there is a lot of “building” that preceded the building up of a reputation.  McKinney Pediatric Dentistry is a new office in McKinney which started from scratch.  The office was previously nothing more than a concrete foundation and empty space.

Designs were made and revised.   Ideas and plans were created first on paper and then became realized.  Contractors were organized and construction took place.  Interior furnishings were planned and completed.  Equipment, computers, TVs, phone systems, and other media were installed.  Staff were hired and trained (what an awesome team, by the way!!) and systems were put in place.  What an exciting journey it was to go from early stages of ideas all the way to opening doors to patients!

On May 31, 2011 we began welcoming in our first patients!  Since that time our philosophy of putting patients and families first has been felt by many.  We will always put you and your child’s best interest first.  Our greatest efforts are always centered around each child’s experience in our office.  It is fun to meet new families each week as new patients continue coming into the practice.

It has been a fantastic journey up through the end of our first year and we look forward to many more years!!!



P.S.   Check out our Facebook photo album (“Construction progress Photos” and “online casinos365036913558056.84256.158001137594969&type=3http://”>Office Tour“) to see   how this journey unfolded with before, during, and after pictures of the office!!