When Should I Start Brushing My Child’s Teeth?

You should begin brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they come in!  Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and be sure to brush well around the gum-lines.  While it is common for very young children to cry or not want to brush, it is best to stay consistent with twice daily brushing.  Eventually they will learn that this is important and something that will be done regularly.

Make it as fun as you can!  Sing the ABCs, or their favorite song.  If you find yourself having to brush the teeth of your crying teenager, you may want to sneak a peak at their iPod playlist to find a song they will like!  And remember this about brushing teeth:  You only have to brush the ones you want to keep!

When you bring your child into McKinney Pediatric Dentistry for a dental visit, Dr. Jon Schaack will spend time showing you the best ways to brush your child”s teeth.  It is good to angle the bristles at an angle against the gum line and move the brush in a circular pattern.  Brush each area for a good 10 seconds or more before moving on to another area of the mouth.  This will help the gums to remain in good health and assure improved plaque removal.  If you notice that  the gums bleed a bit during brushing, it usually means that more time should be spent in these areas.roulette

Don”t give up if your child cries when brushing.  This only means that you can relate to every other parent out there who experiences the same thing.  Children normally go through phases of resistance to brushing and staying positive and consistent is important!